About Us

I get a bit apprehensive at the idea of having to express myself to attract others to my objective, as if I’ve been called for an interview after submitting a plethora of resumés. But for the past week, my wife has been telling me I need an “About Me” section to my Tie Travel website and I can’t deny that, so here goes nothing.


My name is Jarvis and I’m the creator of this little passion turned business called “Tie Travel”. I’ve always had an interest in how clothing is made, and learned how to sew from my mom and a few seamsters/seamstresses along the way. I wear formal attire regularly; so I turned my interests toward neckties in particular by taking wide “old fashioned” ties and sewing them into a more modern width. I’d go to thrift shops, goodwills, anywhere you can think of to find old ties with dope patterns so I could alter them to fit my style. But this small hobby soon became my side job, because people around me caught wind of it and wanted to have this done to their own ties too. Next thing I know, I have too many requests to keep up with demand! I still do it from time to time, but I’ve always had a desire to create on my own ties from scratch.


I call myself a “maker” so making my own tie was the main goal for me. But just as strong as my desire to create neckwear is my desire to travel the world. I feel like the two passions I have should intersect right in the middle. So I’ve decided to create “Tie Travel”, my own private label of neckties that are influenced by the places all around us. My goal is not only to support my travel through this venture, but to truly be creative and introduce new places/new ideas and of course new designs to any who stumble across this page. I hope you join my journey.